National Poetry Month Reading, April 6th @1pm

Just a short note that I’ll be participating in a National Poetry month event again this year, this time at the Massanutten Regional Library, Main branch in Harrisonburg. The reading is at 1pm and will feature four poets, including Angela Carter, Sara Robinson and Rebecca Lilly.

If you happen to be in the Shenandoah Valley in a few weeks, come by! Len, I’ll buy you some coffee (or wine) if you can make it from Turkey. Esther, come on now! The other side of the world is not that far away from Harrisonburg, as the moon flies. C, the weather in Seattle is horrible–you’d come on over to the East coast for day, even to hang out with a Patriots fan, right?

I know there are a bunch of you in my clan much closer. If you’ve got nothing better to do on the first Monday afternoon in April, maybe I will see you there? More info on the Massanutten Regional Library can be found and its other events can be found here.

As with my last reading at Bridgewater College, I will entertain any suggestions for what to read. I will have about ten minutes to read, so will probably read five poems or so. Thoughts?

This lamb has very strong opinions on what I should read but for some reason is remaining mum.

This lamb has very strong opinions on what I should read but for some reason is remaining mum.

7 thoughts on “National Poetry Month Reading, April 6th @1pm

  1. Ron

    Just a passing thought, Jeff but perhaps you may wish to consider Ryokan’s poem (my post for the day) as having merit for one of your poems to read. You could even pass out persimmons prior to the reading as sort of an ice-breaker. *g*

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      I’m hoping it’s a warm day in April for this reading, let’s just say that, sir. But I will take this opportunity to plug another of Ryokan’s poems, his alleged “death poem”:

      Now it reveals its hidden side
      and now the other — thus it falls,
      an autumn leaf.

      1. Ron

        Shame Bob won’t be there. I’ll wager HE would read the “persimmon picking” poem…maybe even while chowing down on a persimmon at the same time. 🙂

  2. C

    Ha! Tempting me with weather, as if I hadn’t read your snow-filled poems week after week… 🙂 Hoping for a nice spring day for you, have a great reading!

  3. zdunno03

    Well I’d prefer the wine but that falls right after the anniversary weekend here at my company and the week before I go to London for their book fair. Timing, Jeff. It all comes own to timing. But I promise, again, one day this year to make it back to the States and will definitely come down to see you and Emily then. So hold that glass of wine. I’ll be coming to drink eventually.

  4. Jeff Schwaner Post author

    I know we will see you one of these days, Len. I won’t hold this particular glass of wine–but I’ll make sure there’s a bottle for us, and time for talk, when you next visit the States.


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