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Imagining deadlines

The moon crawls over my windshield, a bored insect.
Reflection of a reflection of light

on the grim and circling stone.
The world does not share my sense of time:

In a vehicle parked off the road, going nowhere
I sense no motion at all in this luminous bug

on the curved glass. Doesn’t it know
I don’t have all night to be moved?

#fullmoonsocial “Winter Waltz”

fighting with the clouds to see through inky sky my mind wanders to the last months how many times someone comes to mind when I do not wish it dear will-o-wisp clouds enchant me but still I strain to see the moon and it shows just its slip, straining my eyes for only a glimpse, […]

via winter waltz — Are You Thrilled

Here’s the view of the moon from Pleasant Street…

#fullmoonsocial “Penumbral Garments”

You turn your blonde head away from me where I can still see the shadow on your cheek My naked eye is always looking for your tender skin under all of those garments made in the east the search for you is never tiresome as the loss we turn away from or as weary as […]

via Penumbral Garments — jessamayann

Great poem by Jessa!

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October 15 [Book of October]

October 15

The western sky’s white but the tiny star’s white’s
Brighter. The bleached day’s bones left for parts west.

On the sky’s other side the hunter’s moon uncrouches
and coughs. It shines off every tin roof of every hundred

Year old house but does not compare to the silent
Ocean of mid-day’s leaf shadows on the back yard’s

Softly swaying grass I saw earlier, so perfect
I pulled a chair off the porch and sat in the midst

Of its going-nowhere motion until I felt the day’s
Balance point precisely: all things moving, everything still.