Conversations (I)

Conversations (I)

I have to learn quiet again,
I told the yellow grass

By the library’s stone wall.
The sun shimmered,

Not understanding. November
Shrugged and disrobed.

64 thoughts on “Conversations (I)

  1. robert okaji

    Reblogged this on O at the Edges and commented:
    Soon there will be no more good lines left for the rest of us, because Jeff Schwaner is taking them all! Be sure to read Conversations (II) and (III), and if you haven’t read his Mei Yao-Ch’en sequence, what are you waiting for?

      1. ManOnPurpose

        I have this fantastic book I’m doing with writing, what’s d next approach with the best budget

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks Alex.

      While I stick to the definition of publishing as “making something public,” I have had a few poems published by New Orleans Review and, most recently, Beloit Poetry Journal. But I rarely submit work to journals.

      1. Alex Sarll

        Great, lol you are living the dream. Why rarely to journals? I would love to one day have something of mine published.. tho to do that i need to devote more time to writing and editing!!..

      1. studentzy

        it’s because as I understand the phrases are opposite only those who are into literature will understand it the way it should be understand..

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  4. Oloriel

    You always, for me, have a “beyond wisdom” way with words. Like you know everything, and I know nothing at all. It is what I treasure most about your poetry, that it reveals.

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