Evening Sky

Liz Doyle

Liz Doyle

Evening Sky

from a painting by Liz Doyle and a photo by Ann Koplow

Night had already begun to hug the lowlands
when his back to the pale faces of the outbuildings

their remnant glow against the forgetting day
I thought I saw Turner out there

tying himself to a piece of sky shadow
to ride out the violent vault into night

A mile up the day was still swirling
like love thundering in the chest well after

the details have been lost still Turner
tearing clouds with his brush into the idea

of clouds wonders if he’s leaving
something out he’s never believed

the details mattered although they meant
all the moment could form into and change

From the cumulonimbus he sees an old man
preparing a thatch hut against the wind

And a town lobbing light into the sky
The man’s thoughts are fireworks reflected

In the village fountain and to Turner who feels
the clouds free him who feels he let go first

the fireworks in the fountain some times
are clearer than the fireworks in the sky

Ann Koplow

Ann Koplow

101 thoughts on “Evening Sky

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks. I love that painting, and its companion. I hope folks are clicking the link to see both paintings and the original source image. It’s fascinating.

      1. donegallizdoyle

        I’ve never had a ping back before! so thanks very much.
        I have once before had a poem inspired by a painting, which is a great honour. But I must say the honour is greatly enhanced by the mention of Turner, my all time hero 🙂 Thanks once again Jeff. Please take this as an open permission to use my paintings on your blog when you like. Best wishes, Liz

  1. Chris

    A brilliant poem, especially as the elements — clouds, Turner, fireworks and fountain — come together.

  2. Ann Koplow

    I am so honored, Jeff, I can barely write a coherent comment. Like in your poem, your artistry reflects backs my image with greater clarity (and beauty).Thank you for your generosity and brilliance, as always.

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    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks. I’m really blown away by Liz’s art, and Ann’s posts are always rich with great photos from her daily travels, but her fireworks photos really were striking.

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks so much. This has not been such a bad Friday the 13th after all, with a wealth of new visitors to this poem. I very much appreciate the visit!

  4. PoshPedlar

    I read you poem a few times then closed my eyes and painted a picture using your imagery and language. Purples and mauves and lavender spoke to me in a fierce wind. Thanks for sharing.

  5. napoleonnalcot

    I noticed why
    My thoughts wander
    In the still point

    Of the sea and sky,
    The strong current
    Of your vitality

    Exactly the distance
    Of a sharpest focus
    Found me in the eyes

    Where words
    Washed you up like music
    Creating pulsing waves

    In this graceful exit
    Of the still beautiful,
    Reverberating song.

  6. anikavon

    I really liked this part:

    “A mile up the day was still swirling
    like love thundering in the chest well after

    the details have been lost… “

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks PS. Most of my work comes from observing every day processes in the natural world (which we’re part of, after all, so I’m not saying that I write “nature poems”) and going from there. In the case of “Evening Sky” though I was very impressed with a painting by the Irish artist Liz Doyle, and as I was working on the poem a photograph by a blogger I follow, Ann Koplow, came to my mind, and so those two images included on that post anchor the beginning and the end of that poem.

  7. trubooks

    Reflection for this little soul
    Searching, yes, for the Master hand.
    But only sees the footprints in the sand,
    Or shall I say the sky?

    There is a Hand to guide the brush.
    This eye that seeks to capture
    And left a little out,
    Can only copy what is already there.

    Keep looking to the sky, dear friend.
    Keep looking to the sky.

  8. allskyedout

    The photo is lovely and the Poem has a nice flow to it. Wonderful.

    Dana Guidera
    Author of Seven Poems from Life

  9. beingeternal

    The post has got the crisp aroma of vivid and beautiful imagination. Feeling like witnessing these beautiful things happening. The poem and the painting …both made a wonderful duo. Re-reading and re-witnessing………

      1. donegallizdoyle

        thanks again Jeff, maybe time for another poem with another new painting? I suggest ‘ curve’, the big blue almost circle on a yellow ground, on two panels from my most recent post. Would love you to use it! Liz 🙂

  10. Holistic Wayfarer

    Of course I enjoy your poetry, J. Love the diction, as in “a mile up the day”…

    and how you wed concrete and abstract imagery:

    “tying himself to a piece of sky shadow
    to ride out the violent vault into night”

    You make me want to write more poetry.
    Rock on.

  11. donegallizdoyle

    I thought you might like to know that this pair of paintings have gone to a new home. They had been publicly exhibited several times, but never sold (Possibly because I always priced them unreasonably high, probably because I was initially reluctant to let them go). A couple of months ago I gave them as joint 70th birthday presents to my brother-in-law and his wife. Then a few weeks ago helped them hang them in their kitchen where they will see them every day

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      That is great to hear. I love your work, and especially those — though there are many others I admire equally! But it’s nice to think that this particular work is someplace where it will be viewed every day by appreciative eyes. Thank you for letting me know!

  12. donegallizdoyle

    I hope I haven’t already said this, but I thought I’d just let you know that I gave the two paintings as a joint 70th birthday gift to my husband’s brother and his wife, and they are now hanging where everyone who visits sees them, in their kitchen. Strangely, I am really glad that they never sold, and can stay within the family. There are some paintings that are so special somehow ❤ So pleased too, that they remain here with your words, Jeff, in such a privileged spot on your blog! Best wishes, Liz

  13. donegallizdoyle

    Hi Jeff
    Just calling in to say hi!
    And to let you know that I’m waiting for dates for a solo show in NYC with Mark Borghi Fine Art
    I’m really hoping that you might feature a piece of mine (if it complements a piece of your work as effectively as this one did!) around the time of the opening
    I’ll let you know when I have dates confirmed, thanks
    Best wishes as ever, Liz Doyle

      1. donegallizdoyle

        Show dates for NEW YORK!!
        Opening reception on 20th October, show runs till early December
        At Mark Borghi Fine Art in BRIDGEHAMPTON (He has 3 galleries, NYC, Bridgehampton and Miami)
        I will send you images once they have chosen which they want! I am asked not to promote on social media until we have images selected and a title. I am so delighted! Best wishes, Liz

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