Driftwood Days

Driftwood Days


The sea has examined me into this shape
I have come so far only because of what is left

How can I not accept it gratefully how can you not
if the entire sea can do it I would say give it a try

I do not have the power to observe you into love
but something of us both has been examined

Wave by wave into a lean slightness no vessel
because it goes all directions at once having come so far

with its hollows and whorls soothing to the waves
no difference between inside and outside

It no longer matters what is missing it never did it turns
out it was always this floating thing and never that

19 thoughts on “Driftwood Days

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks, M. You get to a certain age, and all sorts of questions begin popping up. I was thinking about all those questions (not the answers, heck no) when I noticed this small piece of driftwood on my desk. And it went from there.

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Just like that driftwood, if I wrote this poem tomorrow instead of last night it might be different. BTW, I translate your comment also to mean that you absolutely love the middle section of this poem (see reply to Leonard’s note above). Now I feel complete.

  1. magicpoet01

    Thank you for your excellent poem. Here’s for you:

    Sea snakes the coast
    tide backslides
    slithers away
    always with a long, last hiss.

    Sea kisses the shore
    foam embraces
    races away
    always with a backward glance.

    Tide rushes
    into rock pools
    images flooding dreams.

    Waves retreat
    like a tiger

    © M.L.Emmett

  2. jessamayann

    You are so good with bringing the inanimate to life. Makes feel like I’m there witnessing the entire process of become that piece of driftwood.. Or the core of who I am becoming.


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