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First Night in The New House, with Full Moon (#fullmoonsocial2015)


First Night in The New House, with Full Moon

The rising full moon fills in
a small cratered crack in the old window

where a stone or BB years ago must
have dug in before reflecting off its loss

As I sit with my son waiting for his breathing
to level into what I know will be dreams

of the many things he will make and be
the moon continues across the sky

and out of the window’s framing (though the moon
in the window cratered out bright and tiny

remains where it is
how like the past sometimes refuses to move)

Of Physics and Publications: Beloit Poetry Journal

First, apologies for my relative absence from this site and yours, with only two poems poking their scruffy heads up over the last five weeks or so. I was in a battle with the laws of physics. More specifically, I was taking a physics course at the University of Virginia. It’s a long story. Okay, it’s not that long a story. It was only because I have lived in this physical world for so long already that I managed to survive, more by wits than learning. At any rate, the transcript for the course is now on its way to my undergraduate home, 28 years after I took my last undergraduate class, to fulfill a distribution requirement unrelated to my field of study. And at some point before the leaves fall off the trees this year, some document attesting to my B.A. in English from Cornell University should actually reach me. What was it like for a fifty year old guy attending a summer course with 18 year old athletes and pre-freshmen?

Long story. But one I’ll tell in time, if there is no more pressing news. But for today, there actually is some news.

During this time of my Sisyphean struggle with inertia, momentum, torque, and midterms, I received notice from Beloit Poetry Journal that they wish to publish a few of my poems.

I am guessing most of you are familiar with BPJ, but if not, feel free to pay them a visit here. My poems will appear in the Winter 2015 issue.

For the moment, I am happily relieved of my recent burdens–remembering the relationship of energy to volts to power to current, and so on–and prepared to get back to writing poetry. I hope you’re still out there to read some, and I will once again be lurking around your own sites to read all that I’ve missed since mid-July.