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Thunder moon song [ #fullmoonsocial ]

Taken with NightCap Pro

Thunder moon song

Imagine thunder, a year’s worth of it,
Crammed into a high speed second

Of replay: that’s a cricket.
Imagine a summer lawn full of them,

each chirp a year, an entire night
Of it, just below the grass line while

Above it every firefly’s a conflagration
Over territory, driving extinctions

And drawing death from the sky
Like lightning. Imagine standing

In your yard above it all. Oddly at peace.
Away from the lights of your house.

A few minutes go by. That’s the moon.

#fullmoonsocial tonight! snow moon / penumbral lunar eclipse edition!

Not sure it gets much more wordy than that. #fullmoonsocial? #snowmoon? #lunareclipsefullmoonsocial? Heck, I dunno, maybe we should just stick with #fullmoonsocial …

Just as our ancient Chinese poet friends did (I’m talking to you, Sheng-yu!) let’s gaze at the moon and write poetry tonight. Then tag your post #fullmoonsocial on WordPress, Twitter or Facebook so we can share via the tag.

I plan on starting to monitor posts around 7:30 Eastern time tonight, just as the lunar eclipse reaches its maximum effect.