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Reading sheet music


Reading sheet music

The guitar arpeggios are the roofs of nearly identical houses
In a small village. The streets are covered in snow, no one

Goes in or out. But the temperature even at night has turned mild,
No smoke rises from the roofs, which are spotted with moonlight.

In the morning a dog runs through the alleys, pausing here and there
To check out something new. Snow slides off a roof in the morning sun.



The moon’s not looking
out a window in

the house next door
to the west of bed.

Rising I talk the evening
down from its sorrows:

What begins as one thing
passes into another, I say,

sundown to dusk to night
for instance, night to

faintest light to dawn
to day. Then night says

in a voice so dark I can
not read its words

What begins as love
passes into love

and from the house next door
to the east of my steps

the moon rises
as from its black chimney



What is hanging still there over the clouds and houses?
In this moment when even the crickets are pursing their lips.

I know the gravity of things keeps it all moving, that it takes
time for the light to reach me, I know on a soft quiet night

nothing is still but look up there, memory the size of the moon,
lighting the way, going nowhere, perfectly still.

Walking, Noontime, on a Warm Ides of March, Spring Having Arrived A Week Early

sidewalk character

Walking, Noontime, on a Warm Ides of March, Spring Having Arrived A Week Early

So much easier these days to appear middle-aged!
Moon’s out walking too  – only its topmost perimeter,

frosted white, is visible in this nearly spring blue noon sky.
Maybe that’s how I’m seen today

as I pass through quiet intersections:
almost invisible but for the borders of my graying temples.