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Looking to the ground on an overcast full moon evening and seeing the sky

Taken with NightCap Pro

Looking to the ground on an overcast full moon evening and seeing the sky

And on waking we move from the month
of vines to the month of ivy.

From sensing

our own growth relies on support to sensing

and a path we create by ascending.

Early August Near Midnight

Taken with NightCap Pro

Early August Near Midnight

At the edge of the house I cannot afford,
Old window open, conscience thin

Black screen barely a mesh between
Two environments. One built to keep

The other out, the other which does not
acknowledge even itself. Behind every

Wall upstairs the cricketsong of heartbeats.
The family’s dreams swirl around me:

These are fierce hunters. Bills and debts
Look for places to hide but the dark wins.

I know I will have to sleep, awake, pay
A daydream down. But tonight

I will enjoy their protection, my fears
Fleeing from the dreamy claws of trust.




The breeze comes as promised
without rain but we don’t mind

so much is unreliable a sunny
afternoon unpredicted is welcome

and as last year and the years
before on summer days like this

yellow walnut leaves cascade
a promise the breeze won’t break

A poem by my son

Note: the family is sitting around trying to write verse inspired by music for a contest (“The Writer’s Ear”) sponsored by the local schools. Here is what my six year old son August came up with. It should be further noted that this verse is illuminated in magic marker and that the poem’s narrator is a fire-breathing monster of some kind. But regardless of that, I think the last couplet is a keeper for all of us.

I’m tearing down a building
my friend is a skunk

I need a little friend
when I’m in a big fight