Moonlight & Shadow: An Imaginary Portrait of Mei Yao-ch’en
Limited Edition of 20 numbered and signed copies.
10 offered for sale. 
$120, priority shipping included.

The complete set of 38 poems about Mei Yao-ch’en. An innovative 11×14 design is encased by a cover designed and hand-made by St Brigid Press, featuring archival quality book boards covered in hand-made Nepalese paper with Tibetan cloud design. Into the front cover is cut a moon shape filled with a letterpress rendering of the title on rice paper. Text is printed offset on quality 96% opacity white 70 lb acid-free paper. The twenty numbered and signed copies of Moonlight & Shadow were bound by hand by Emily Hancock at St Brigid Press using a 16th century Chinese side-bound binding style called “Kangxi.” More information Emily’s materials can be found on her site.

Two of these poems, “While There Are No Gibbons Crying in the Trees…” and “Mei Yao-ch’en and I, Walking Downtown for Pizza on a May Afternoon…” appear in slightly different form in the Winter 2015 issue of the Beloit Poetry Journal. Many thanks to the editors, Melissa Crowe and Rachel Contreni Flynn.

Or Order hereDE_title proof

Limited edition broadside
“Drop Everything”
2 left for sale

A beautiful letterpress broadside, printed on fine Holyoke paper. Hand-set in Centaur type by Emily Hancock of St Brigid Press, “Drop Everything” is a limited edition of forty numbered and signed copies. 18×12.

$30 plus $5 shipping.

Order yours here.

Or email me at if you have any questions/shipping requests etc.

DE_first proof on bamboo2



















Also from St Brigid Press: Night Walk on Cape Cod”
limited edition letterpress drink coasters
Sold out!

Close up of the back of the coaster. The title is in Copperplate wine with coaster

“Night Walk on Cape Cod” Haiku Drink Coaster Set! This unique haiku sequence is designed, hand-set and letterpress printed at St Brigid Press in a limited first run of only 40 sets. Each set contains all 8 poems in the sequence, printed in a hand-mixed sea green ink. The verso/colophon side, with the sequence number and printer’s mark, is in a deep ocean blue. The haiku form is just the right size to ponder over a drink or two, share with your reading group or book club. And these beautiful coasters sure beat those little white napkins for a conversation piece!

$16. Order here.

20 Poems & Other Translations from the English

20Poemsfront cover

Paperback. 6×9, 52 pages.

…and available FREE in PDF version now.

Twenty Poems & Other Translations from the English

Want a signed print copy? $14 price includes tax and shipping. 6×9, trade paper. Get it here.

Other Published work:

  • The Artificial Horizon (2013) and Vanishing Tracks (2011). Privately printed. Please query about availability
  • Sisyphus at the Playground, 2003. Trade paperback, $6 tax and shipping included. Signed copy available.
  • GOAT lies down on Broadway, 2000. Trade paperback, $10 tax and shipping included. Signed copy available.
  • And a couple of novels.

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  8. Mary Tang

    Thanks for the free PDF version of ‘Twenty Poems’ – here’s my Chinese translation of one of the poems, ‘The Unknown’ –









    (c) Mary Tang 2015

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  10. Pleasant Street

    Jeff I did not ever get to the bottom of this page. You wrote novels! I’ll check those out next time and pick one. Any suggestions which one?
    One book at a time on my budget 🙂


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