‘The Drift’ is now available.

My first book since 2018’s Wind Intervals is now available.

Order a signed copy below!

A few of these poems have appeared in recent issues of Beloit Poetry Journal and New Letters. I’m grateful to the editors for their interest in my work.

The $15.00 price for a signed copy includes shipping. Order here. (You can also order an unsigned copy from Amazon here.)

Title page.
Dedication page and half-title.
Front cover.
Cover art by Mary Schwaner.

7 thoughts on “‘The Drift’ is now available.

  1. Lynne Burnett

    Jeff! So this is what you’ve been busy with since your last post! Congratulations – and I’m ordering it from Amazon.ca only because it’d be a nightmare shipping wise for you to send me a signed copy (to Canada)! Looking forward to reading it. Warmly, Lynne

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks so much, Lynne! To be honest, I’ve also been working on a monster prose project for my daytime job at The News Leader here in Staunton. That will publish in January (I think) and I’ll let people know about it here when it happens, too.


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