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#fullmoonsocial “Winter Waltz”

fighting with the clouds to see through inky sky my mind wanders to the last months how many times someone comes to mind when I do not wish it dear will-o-wisp clouds enchant me but still I strain to see the moon and it shows just its slip, straining my eyes for only a glimpse, […]

via winter waltz — Are You Thrilled

Here’s the view of the moon from Pleasant Street…

#fullmoonsocial “Penumbral Garments”

You turn your blonde head away from me where I can still see the shadow on your cheek My naked eye is always looking for your tender skin under all of those garments made in the east the search for you is never tiresome as the loss we turn away from or as weary as […]

via Penumbral Garments — jessamayann

Great poem by Jessa!

Please share your full moon poems by tagging them #fullmoonsocial.

#fullmoonsocial tonight! snow moon / penumbral lunar eclipse edition!

Not sure it gets much more wordy than that. #fullmoonsocial? #snowmoon? #lunareclipsefullmoonsocial? Heck, I dunno, maybe we should just stick with #fullmoonsocial …

Just as our ancient Chinese poet friends did (I’m talking to you, Sheng-yu!) let’s gaze at the moon and write poetry tonight. Then tag your post #fullmoonsocial on WordPress, Twitter or Facebook so we can share via the tag.

I plan on starting to monitor posts around 7:30 Eastern time tonight, just as the lunar eclipse reaches its maximum effect.