Lament Over Nothing

Lament Over Nothing


Somewhere between the tired moon’s glow and my unfocused eyes
I keep seeing winter—snow heaps when it’s just a white van

Across the street; accumulation on the metal roof next door
instead of the bored shine of a lazy evening rain. Tomorrow

It’s spring, I know, and the rain outside should sound less
like ice and more like the first words of flowers and grass.

Wife! every night you cradle your guitar for an hour and put the spirits
in harmony. Come over here and pick me up! And put me back in tune.

6 thoughts on “Lament Over Nothing

  1. Ron

    Yes. Oh yes! Exquisite…but the last two lines transcend poetry and move into the realm of….grrr…I can’t think of the word…I HATE it when this happens… but it’ll come to me in a while…and then how this reply will SHINE!


    1. Ron

      METAPHYSICS!! That’s the word I was looking for! Now I can go to sleep happy…well…not as happy as I’ll be when I win Texas Powerball…but happy anyway! (Gotta write that word “metaphysics” down somewhere!)


      P.S. Steven Wright, one of my all-time favorite comedians, said he was kicked out of university for cheating on his Metaphysics exam — he looked into the soul of the guy on his right! *** 🙂 ***


  2. zdunno03

    Wonderful poem, Jeff. Love those last 4 lines but the whole poem really feels organically right. I’m sure you’ll be in tune by the time you read this.


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