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Warm Breeze, Mid-Afternoon in Mid-Winter

Warm Breeze, Mid-Afternoon in Mid-Winter

At the walnut tree’s highest reach
the day’s breeze sets twigs and thin branches

tense like frantic lost messages, last waves goodbye
but the slur slows through the random knots

and twists of the limb structure and’s spread asunder
further in by the outward-reaching limbs and widening

resolve of main branches to the absolute breaking
of leftover negative space: down where I am, humming

a tune I heard my beloved sing and will not forget,
just my voice in the quiet, here at the trunk where all is still.

The Space

The Space


At a stoplight this morning daydreaming facing south.
Gazing at the left turn light for traffic heading east

I see green and for a moment in the space
between sight and cognition I’m confused

my foot leaves the brake pedal I look in the rearview
expecting to hear a horn behind me then the space

compresses  my foot stamps back on the pedal
awareness leaps the gap to vision reminds it

the light is still red on my side nothing has moved
in my lane but the trip through that space

eye to brain foot to pedal assumption to
action that space stretching out

lengthening that is what I fear