Warm Breeze, Mid-Afternoon in Mid-Winter

Warm Breeze, Mid-Afternoon in Mid-Winter

At the walnut tree’s highest reach
the day’s breeze sets twigs and thin branches

tense like frantic lost messages, last waves goodbye
but the slur slows through the random knots

and twists of the limb structure and’s spread asunder
further in by the outward-reaching limbs and widening

resolve of main branches to the absolute breaking
of leftover negative space: down where I am, humming

a tune I heard my beloved sing and will not forget,
just my voice in the quiet, here at the trunk where all is still.

19 thoughts on “Warm Breeze, Mid-Afternoon in Mid-Winter

  1. Sunshine Jansen

    Amazing, the refuge this poem creates; think I’ll come back to this poem until the warm breezes start to linger.

  2. jessamayann

    Very beautiful! This is strangely similar to a poem I wrote recently.. Completely different but much the same. Would you mind reading “Upon Waking” on my blog and let me know what you think? I would appreciate it!

      1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

        Yeah, both have some kind of recognition of the shape of trees, how they negotiate stress and frame and hold things…or as you write in your poem, “wrapping me up / but never holding me” … very different as you say, but taking root in the same neck of the woods…

      2. jessamayann

        My poem is confusing isn’t it? Rereading and trying to be objective to my own writing is difficult. The sphere of light stuff..made it confusing? If and when you have time.

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