#FullMoonSocial Tonight!




Big full harvest moon tonight. Let’s celebrate with another #fullmoonsocial! Any time after the moon rises (7:30 pm in my neck of the woods in Virginia) compose and post a poem and tag it #fullmoonsocial on WordPress, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I’ll try to keep up and re-post all the tagged poems I can find here on this site.

I know you’ve stared up at the moon wondering who else was doing the same at that very moment. Tonight, share your thoughts while you’re doing it.

See you tonight!

19 thoughts on “#FullMoonSocial Tonight!

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      I am sure you do, Len. I will even give you a few words to help. Uhm, “moon,” there’s one… actually, would be great to write a poem about the moon without using the word moon at all, like Li Ho did with “Sky Dream” …

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      1. Pleasant Street

        Most are still not showing up even though I’ve tagged them. Try the fullmoonsocial tag w/out # maybe

      2. Pleasant Street

        What I’m saying is, I put fullmoonsocial tag after both poems but if you go to that tag on the Reader they aren’t there

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