from Spring Songs (6)

from Spring Songs (6)


Lightning in the western sky over mountains.
East are riverstones of stars blinking through

the swift current of clouds.
Wherever I look across a rainy day and night

I see the soundless ocean floor of mind:
Silt of words that have not shifted for months

covers the breasthook of an overturned boat.
From a calm black gap in the burdenboards

the season shoots and flowers like an octopus

15 thoughts on “from Spring Songs (6)

      1. Ron

        You DESERVE credit! It’s a royal wonder that it’s not a typo jungle! I laughed the whole time I was keyboarding it. 🙂

  1. Mary Tang

    Reblogged this on Life is But This and commented:
    My translation:



    (c) Mary Tang 2015

      1. Mary Tang

        The Chinese has a saying, ‘騎虎難下 –once you’re on a tiger it’s hard to dismount’ 🙂 Guess I’m on board now until spring turns to summer.

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