serpent on his shoulder swims swimmingly

More full moon verse…thanks Errin!


four feminine ducks
walking down the water’s plank
beginning ballet

mallard men passing
one behind the other
the line flows to the left

girls dancing far right
they must know what a line is
someone has cooties

females turn around
flowing next to manly men
forming two straight lines

someone’s husband
taking pictures of other ducks
not this cute ballet

foggy and hazy
eighty one yesterday
only seventy four

at eighty one
the pool was chilly but now
fearless man has jumped in

october warmth
sixty seven a few hours ago
no screaming

everyone is born
with the same pool conversation
inside their mind

a man jumps in
the answer is i’m very cold
asks you how you are

he says it will warm up
his son laughs and tells him
he is mistaken

that he saw her in
the pool ten minutes ago
“she would be warm now”

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