#fullmoonsocial, anyone? Thursday March 5, 2015

Last full moon of winter will find us later this week. Anyone up for another communal poetry writing and sharing party on this upcoming full moon?  If you are, just use the tag “fullmoonsocial” on your WordPress blog post or #fullmoonsocial if you’re tweeting your poem.

I’ve got the moon hitting full at 1:05 pm EST. At that point, until it sets wherever you happen to be, consider the party to be started. I’ll be following the tags and posting links to your poems as I see them. As with our inaugural full moon social, if you’re interested in having your poem (or photo or artwork, whatever you post!) included in a free epub anthology that I’ll put together shortly after the party, let me know in an email to jeffrey.schwaner@gmail.com. If you’re contributing, all rights are retained by you. The moon doesn’t take your rights.

23 thoughts on “#fullmoonsocial, anyone? Thursday March 5, 2015

  1. quirknjive

    I slipped into a bit of a creative funk (I blame it on this blasted winter) and haven’t logged onto wordpress in a month . So happy to jump on today and find your post! Looking forward to the second Full Moon Social and to the evening’s simultaneous flow of creativity! In desperate need of a jolt of moonbeam inspiration.

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      I don’t think that’s dumb. I don’t think that’s necessary, actually. The traditional idea is that no matter where you were in the world, you and the person you were thinking about could be viewing the moon at the same time and thinking about each other. Add to that the tradition of writing poems about that experience and you see how the moon becomes a strong symbol of missing loved ones, longing, etc. I don’t think, though, that your poem needs to include the moon! Just post what you happen to do that night if you want!

      1. errinspelling.wordpress.com

        thank-you for explaining jeff. that’s a wonderful explanation. i was going to look for something already written . i don’t know how to just think…lol…& i was fairly certain i had nothing about the moon,escept to add to your “the moon doesn’t take your rights” only enhances…lol

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