Taking the Whole [#FullMoonSocial2014]

Full moon, Belograd, Russia, by Alex Markovich.

Full moon, Belgorod, Russia, by Alex Markovich.





















A contribution from my old Cornell pal and entrepreneur / poet / translator / tea ceremony guru / ranch-hand / dog trainer / everyman friend, Russ Mann:

No mere quarters or halves for me,
I am finally taking the whole moon and already
over it like a rocket to Jupiter, where I can have 63 more
the moon reflects back, greedy monkey,
don’t drown in the space between your ears,
you’re still earthbound, still have your seasons
you try and plant your timeless flags
but only i am always here
Thanks Russ!
The photo is courtesy of Alex Markovich, and that full moon is all the way from Russia. Thank you Alex, for lending us your vision from the other side of the world on this evening.

4 thoughts on “Taking the Whole [#FullMoonSocial2014]

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      I will pass this on to Russ. He also did, many years ago, his own translation of Po Chu-i’s “A Song of Unending Sorrow.” I might have to convince him to lend me permission to publish that here. It’s a great melding of the ancient voice with an American free-verse lightness to it.


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