Just a little reminder…join our #FullMoonSocial2014 poetry party…

Seriously nearly-full moon not taking any nonsense--join the FullMoonSocial2014 on Wednesday.

Seriously nearly-full moon in my backyard not taking any nonsense–join the FullMoonSocial2014 on Wednesday.

Write to your loved ones. Write to your friends. Write to the moon. Write to a memory. Post a poem on WordPress or Twitter on Wednesday night, October 8th, anytime between the rising and setting of the moon, and tag it FullMoonSocial2014, and let’s spend the night looking at the same moon and the same freshly minted poems, and celebrate our passion for poetry, our loves and losses, and of course, the one constant thing and what poet Mary Reufle identified as the first lyric poem–the moon.

More info here.

11 thoughts on “Just a little reminder…join our #FullMoonSocial2014 poetry party…

    1. robert okaji

      It’s only a tad malodorous. Just dab a bit, say a half-pound or so, onto each earlobe, and you’ll have no problem with mosquitoes. Or people. But feral dogs and turkey vultures might be a consideration.

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