Full Moon Poetry Party — #FullMoonSocial2014


Let’s harmonize with the Ancients, and each other.


On October 8th, the full moon rises. In the hours it’s alight, let’s do like the Ancients do, and send out a poem to those we’re thinking about but cannot be with, or to each other, or simply to the moon itself.

In a wrinkle on the tradition of Full Moon parties, let’s post our poems on WordPress and tag them “fullmoonsocial2014” and/or on Twitter and hashtag them #FullMoonSocial2014.

Let’s celebrate together this next full moon! Also, if you’re interested in having your poem included in a free epub anthology linking to your blog or website, leave a comment below with a simple “put me in the anthology.” If enough people are interested I will put it together and it will be available on this site and free.

What do you think? If you’re in, feel free to let your poet friends know, and reblog this post if desired. This is not about an edited anthology, this is not a competition. This is not about making money or marketing–this is just plain a full moon social celebration. a time we can share together, as poets and readers, the things and people we love, no matter where we are when the moon rises on October 8th.

Full moon rising and setting times can be found here, and I’ve included a few sample times below. http://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/


Staunton, VA — OCT 8 7:01 PM to 8:30 AM OCT 9
Kansas City, MO — OCT 8 7:07 PM to 8:38 AM OCT 9
Austin, TX —  OCT 8 7:48 PM to 8:41 AM OCT 9
Los Angeles, CA — OCT 8 6:49 PM to 8:11 AM OCT 9
Seattle, WA — OCT 8 6:50 PM to 8:48 PM OCT 9

Istanbul, Turkey — OCT 8 6:37 PM to 8:03 AM OCT 9
Hong Kong — OCT 8 5:59 PM to 6:49 AM OCT 9
Manila, Philippines — OCT 8 5:35 PM to 6:16 AM OCT 9






42 thoughts on “Full Moon Poetry Party — #FullMoonSocial2014

  1. Miranda Stone

    There is also a lunar eclipse early on October 8 before dawn. Most of those in North America will be able to see at least part of it.

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      It truly does. It’ll be interesting to see how the weather is in the various locations this Wednesday. A lot of us will be looking up at, or for, the moon!

  2. pi314chron

    Cool idea, Jeff! Here’s a haiku you can use in the anthology if you’d like:

    in earth’s shadow cone
    the Moon’s mountains disappear —
    sunflowers at dusk

    That’s it from here!


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