The Now

The Now


The moon of how you feel
shines much closer than the stars

closer than memory lighting the space
between then and next

In the surf of the beach
I dream us on  and by our feet

glowing creatures imitate the stars
without reflecting them or caring to

It’s okay to look and
it’s nothing to look away

not knowing where we are walking to
under a moon of rush and surge

and while at the edge in the glowing
foam the now can seem shallow

this wave has been traveling
towards us for a long time

4 thoughts on “The Now

  1. Maureen Bayless

    I love how you write conversationally, from the inside. I didn’t notice that there was a moon to my feelings until you mentioned it, but you are so very right. it’s hard to see things in synchronous orbit sometimes, even the biggest, most profound things. But I never miss the crows.

  2. pi314chron

    “moon of rush and surge” — Incomparable! I hear the waves caused by the tidal pull of the Moon. Rush and surge are exactly the right words! (In passing, I hope you are getting as many likes, follows, and comments from the Blog Hop as I am…and I’m sure you are! But it’s just crazy here…a NICE crazy, though. Thanks so much for following!)

    Respect and Admiration,



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