July 16

July 16


Though the date has no meaning
for me, though I saw a man roadside

stand begging and suffering is unabated
among some I know there is peace

and among those lives which do not
touch mine one surely celebrates a birthday

one and another an anniversary this night
someone is suddenly a father another

a mother while one touches the last
page of a book and another wipes paint

from her hands. Though the date means nothing
to me those whose lives do not touch mine

are standing beside me in patience
and so to them I say in the darkness someone

you do not know wishes you well
with what magic is left to me I would know

all your names but then the magic of it
would dissolve like a date with no meaning

5 thoughts on “July 16

  1. magicpoet01

    I thoroughly enjoyed this poem but July 16th means something to me. My daughter was born on this day. Here is a poem I wrote 8 years ago. I hope you enjoy it.

    I can never see you clearly
    not the way friends and lovers,
    enemies and strangers do.

    Inside that face the world sees
    are all the other faces
    hiding in time tunnels

    Younger faces
    and younger still
    passing down the line until
    there is only one face
    I see.

    It is like no other
    seen only by a mother
    that first face
    of that baby
    still corded and warm
    after birth.

    © M.L.Emmett
    from Poems for Poodles (not seriously)


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