On Saying Goodbye

On Saying Goodbye


Trying to catch up with the hills rolling
beneath my feet I’m lost to your light

then at the mountain’s top you are waiting for me
unmoved by the ruckus and dust below

in this valley I’ll hear a bird, catch my breath
then keep running west til the Star River

laps at my feet–who would not climb mountain
after mountain to keep saying goodbye to you?

5 thoughts on “On Saying Goodbye

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thank you Emily. If we’re lucky enough we have a friend who we can feel like this about. In a way this is a companion piece to the Po Chu-i translation, since that poem is also about saying goodbye. Both poems deal with the illusion of permanence on people, landscapes, etc., and how that illusion/delusion also applies to goodbyes as well.


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