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Valentine song via a metal plate in my wife’s wrist


Valentine song via a metal plate in my wife’s wrist

Indivisible. Foreign. Tongue with no words.
I steady you. All the while

Time’s seven screws turn inertia inside
Out, articulating slender sunbeams.

The heat that holds us together
Bores through bone, bonds.

I am not what broke you
But I will help you bear the weight.

You will heal around me.
My unity with you is when

I am forgotten and your thumb’s
Unthinkingly nimble

With a pen, a paintbrush
A doorknob, a drink, a day.

Beloit Poetry Journal


Many of you know that Beloit Poetry Journal published two of my Mei Yao-ch’en poems about a year ago, just before I published the limited edition of Moonlight & Shadow which has recently sold out (before you ask, yes! I’m preparing a paperback edition).

Recently BPJ sent out its annual Valentine’s Day card, and I was honored when the editors told me they wanted lines from one of my poems to be on the card.

BPJ’s long been one of the long term signs of the vigor of poetry. If you’re not already a subscriber, think of subscribing for a year and seeing for yourself. I will forever be grateful to this journal for giving me a chance to introduce more people to my old friend Mei Yao-ch’en in the Winter 2015/16 issue — and now again on a card that sends wishes for peace, love and poetry to their readers.