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Thoughts As I Wait for the Thunder Moon to Appear

Thoughts As I Wait for the Thunder Moon to Appear

Chuang Tzu asked, why is what the world does worth doing?
The thunder moon which I cannot see teaches me that it is unavoidable.

Regardless of all that I know and do not know,  it is launched without slowing
over the clouds. As the arrival of clouds cannot be avoided, neither can the departure

of clouds. It may not be worth doing, Chuang Tzu said. And yet
it cannot be left undone. I am looking without seeing, Chuang Tzu,

and it may be enough that I am no longer looking for the moon.
In the quiet, unseeable, the small chicory flower unfolds towards dawn.

As the departure of life cannot be avoided, neither can its arrival.
When the moon’s no longer needed, clouds break open like blue petals.

Thunder Moon

Thunder Moon


Passing through the veil of rain at
mountain’s peak I see the west breaks off

The sun lets the day go quietly there farther
and the break remains as my car crouches

against the hour changing its eyes
the long slow throat of thunder growls

all evening through the hollows and the gutters
on the roof all July is like this and the break stays

with me this open space to the west what
time is it there what are they seeing there

when the moon waxing now low in the clouds
appears like an eye behind a veil is it the same moon

on the other side will they know as the veil
of rain is lifted from their faces I will not let

the groom doze off on them or see
what I see in the break I saw on the mountain