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from Spring Songs (9)

from Spring Songs (9)


The weather came from the east this time
as low as the sun in the west and the sun

And the weather crossed swords over young leaves
glowing green against gray. And the tulips held.

The gray face came down and looked into the street’s eyes
and this was the first of May.  Swallows follow a storm

like they have just won an argument with God
and the prize, so small we can’t see it, is everywhere.

To the Tune of a Song Not Yet Written

Note: one of a series of poems with the same title, to be scattered throughout a larger project called The Drift.

To the Tune of a Song Not Yet Written

I just spoke to the miles
they have no intention

of coming between us
but cannot get out of

the way so I looked up
the towers of clocks could

count the ways to keep us
together but not give back

even a moment spent
without you so I tried

boxing the yearbooks folded
the distance into my back

pocket even the intentions
bad and good wanted to help

but could not make up their minds
so I asked sleep sleep forgave me

I’m not sure for what but having
removed it all walked with you

wide awake beneath swallows and oak
humming these lines as I forget them