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My shadow


My shadow

I walk out into the world and follow my shadow.
My shadow anticipates my every move.

It walks onto private property with impunity,
Patting the dog on the head.

My shadow peeks into open windows
And is sliced like bread by vertical blinds.

My shadow breaks into parked cars, diving through
Windows and emerging uninjured, hands empty.

My shadow enters the shadow of a house
And disappears and comes out a shadow wall

Where there is no door.
My shadow never talks about what it saw in there.

My shadow heads to the cemetery in the morning
While the light is low and its mind is long.

My shadow favors loblolly pines, because even
As tall old trees they are always learning to dance.

My shadow is clumsy too, it trips over gravestones
And slides down the grassy slope as if

Towards death. As if death were a game
That had an end. Or a goal. I turn around

And walk up the hill, dragging my shadow
Over the wet grass and home. It is at these times

My shadow wishes the clouds would come closer.

To the Tune of a Song Not Yet Written [4]

To the Tune of a Song Not Yet Written [4]


I walk up my own street after sunset.
The moon is not yet up and the last streetlight

is behind me. Slowly, slowly I trudge up the hill
and slowly, slowly my shadow fades into the dark bricks.

I have lost myself and where I am going
but with no streetlights the roof has been taken off

the world. If I stood still I could find and count a star
for each of the eighteen thousand days I have lived so far.

Here in the dark stretch of street they are with me.
With my shadow gone and the dark bricks

pretending not to move at the speed of stars.

In an Open Field

In an Open Field


Late afternoon. The hills behind me
obscure the sun yet as I walk across the field

I can still see my shadow on the grass
a faint whisper of motion on the ground

always before me touching everything first
coloring every step I’m about to take

towards the new day so I turn around
it is still there larger and darker or is that the shadow

of what killed the old day standing up
to shrug off its sleep

Overcast, Full Moon, Rain

Overcast Full Moon Rain

Does the insect know he has a shadow
or what it is cast from

When he moves from lamplight
and the moon cannot remember him

behind the scrim of rain and the shadow drifts
into illegibility does it add its unknowing

to the black page   these lines are my shadow
are what the moon remembers