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These Days (solar eclipse poem #1, with apologies to Ron Sexsmith)

These Days (solar eclipse poem #1, with apologies to Ron Sexsmith)


The hole in the sky nobody can look at–
The sun in the cereal box

Falling through folded foil.
Everything that revolved around me

Lay unmoving beneath the maple
–no! They are stirred by a leaf’s breath.


What does an eclipse mean? Let’s have an eclipse social! #pathoftotality

owl eye

Many of you have joined in our full moon socials over the last few years. Whether you are in the path of totality or not (here in Virginia we’re not but will still see quite a sight) the solar eclipse is another moment in which the moon plays no small part. But what part does it play, for poets? for photographers? artists and prose writers?

On Monday August 21st, I invite you to experience the solar eclipse and join in a social gathering — on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter — and use the hashtag #pathoftotality … I’ll re-blog and re-tweet everything I see.

No special glasses required… unless the poetry is so bad that blackout glasses are required… but I would not bet on that…

Monday, August 21st. Whadda ya say?