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Looking Backward Across an Early September Day

Looking Backward Across an Early September Day

Geese evacuate beneath the moon’s thin retraction
Trees are whispering their new addresses to each other

and now the houses breathe without coughing
I shrug free and share the sigh of open windows

In the blue morning the sky’s a cut-out
key unlocking summer’s heavy stockade

When the world was upside down
you fell into my arms and I woke

Before the Fall

Before the Fall


In the summer night’s coolness walnuts are dropping
on roofs cars earth with sharp reports and thuds

In the morning they punctuate the early September light
their husks green round unbroken on the ground ending

all the invisible sentences on the season’s last pages

Common Ground

Common Ground


At my feet a silent tide
The midsummer light’s crashed

through the trees, fills the grass
recedes and foams to nothing

In the shadow of mountains the ocean
comes to me as you once did