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November hymnal (14)

November hymnal (14)

The sea stone sets down on the sky’s lobby.
Only the birds pass through it; their feathers

Still remember when they were scales.
The star has sent a poem to commemorate

The occasion. It’s the same poem every star
Composes. That every civilization has waited for.

The family pauses between house and car.
One of them points upward. A thousand things

Still alive in the trees and underbrush see
A thousand different families.

The birds rotate the stone like gears and snow
flecks off the stone as if God were sharpening

A great knife on it, to cut through the pile of burnt
Trees. To cut through ignorance, doubt, faith.

Four years later the house is empty. Sunlight
Streaks through the lobby and is arrested by

Clouds. Night falls. The star’s poem finally arrives:
“Too late!” reads the entire poem. Because they

Always have to be right, stars have few words
To work with. The sound of birds traveling through

The sea stone is like that of snow on steps.
The sound of stars composing is like a shovel on a walkway.

Stillness at a bar in the middle of a busy hotel lobby


Stillness at a bar in the middle of a busy hotel lobby

Belief in one God is still heavy. –Amichai
Faith’s long half life sits in the mind like ice in a drink
At this bar. Slowly diminishing and diluting

What it was meant to enhance. The sun glares
Through a glass of wine like it is upset about wine

In particular. Was God ever happy with wine?
There are few things that lay on a marble bar-top worse

Than dust though the guy from Pennsylvania is
Coming close, leaning into his third whiskey.

Ages of dying and thoughts about dying
Have led to this unpolished drinker,

His eyes marbled with the present.