Mountains like [Summer Mountains 7]

Mountains like [Summer Mountains 7]

Mountains like sheets hanging on chairs
Mountains like a person sleeping under the bedspread

Mountains like broken bottles
Mountains like everything that hasn’t yet fallen

Crumbled fractured cracked given in
Mountains weeping rivers

Mountains like the accident of bears
Mountains like the unpolished mirror of clouds

Mountains afraid of the dark
Growing toward the sun

Mountains with a collapsed artery trapping the train
Mountains available for the press

Mountains the stitch across the wound
Mountains like a long German noun

Mountains impossible to name mountains
Banks of the rivers of air

4 thoughts on “Mountains like [Summer Mountains 7]

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      I was driving up Afton once here in Virginia, and right near the peak I saw a brown bear standing right at the edge of the road, checking out drivers as they came by. Any time you see a bear it seems like an accident of sorts.


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