The green volume


The green volume

April is soft green and spiders.
The wind has its green voice back,

Alphabet of letters all looking alike
And green gravediggers burying

The brown memories
Before they can be missed.

Flowers set upon each other
Like dogs or wolves we’ve not seen

Since first in love we glimpsed
A world to taste and tear apart.

Meanwhile in yet to happen May
All green darkens like a banker’s visor

As sun slants beyond a high Wednesday
Afternoon window. Counting coin for June.

The other May’s the underside of maple,
Adding dimension, staying light, twisting

Minutes, filling the green volume.

6 thoughts on “The green volume

  1. Lynne Burnett

    Oh I like this! Especially “Since first in love we glimpsed /
    A world to taste and tear apart” Thanks, Jeff!

  2. daninmaya

    Feels like I haven’t seen your name for a while, Jeff. I really enjoyed reading this – like the Green Volume image. I have my favourite cedar tree I visit to touch


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