November hymnal (6) / Trench cello

November hymnal (6) / Trench cello

When the box was out of ammunition
someone now dead made a cello of it

and tuned it to the trenches as mud spilled
over the edges and they played elegies

for themselves in the space between concussions
listening for those who’d not hear their voices

again unless they were as lucky as that
ammunition box outliving its usefulness

and becoming song

4 thoughts on “November hymnal (6) / Trench cello

  1. Jazz Jaeschke

    Someone narrowly defeated when the box held no more votes … leaves those in the political mud with a song of possibilities, a chorus to echo.
    You probably weren’t thinking politics when you wrote this … beautiful in multiple connotations.

      1. Jazz Jaeschke

        Ah, not just me then. I’ve just been on the web reading about/ listening to this cello – an amazing bit of history I’d not encountered before. Thank you.
        Our muck in 2018 no way compares to the horrors of the WWI trenches … you’ve provided a good level-set.

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