Like shadows


Like shadows

The shadows ring with noise.
It’s time’s breath, which grows

Louder even as it makes other
Sounds, like my mother’s voice,

Fade into hushing light. No, nothing
Fades. Things are observed

Like shadows. Just as this
Poem is not about fading

But uses ‘fade’ four times,
So our lives use the words

Of things we’re not about
To frame what’s

Four times denied,
Four times forgiven, four times

Larger than what appears real,
Like shadows on a late afternoon

Just past rain, where loneliness puddles
And is stepped over by those on their way.

5 thoughts on “Like shadows

  1. Jazz Jaeschke

    Have always been drawn to the number 4 – of course I’ve read this through 4 times – drawn also to the play between fade and shadow, “puddling” in my mind, all the while realizing this is not about fading or shadows, but loneliness. Which merits a lot more respect than most grant it. Indeed, we deny it, try to block it. I am learning to forgive its insistence in the midst of daily life. Before reading this, I did not call it “loneliness” – thank you for the gentle wake-up.


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