Introduction to the arrival of the cat’s death


Introduction to the arrival of the cat’s death


You have been coming this way for over a year
And I know it has taken a lot from you

Moving so slow

But I cannot let you in just yet.
He is too weak to move from our bed

These last few days but he still purrs
When he’s aware we are with him

And you can’t come into this room.
I will bring him down to you in a day

Or maybe two

There is so little left of him and by the time
I lift him from the bed everything

That’s valuable will already be gone.
I have carried them down before you know

I will not leave you waiting

Any longer than it takes in the meantime
There’s coffee a piano some books to read

The chairs I know are not comfortable
Down here where you wait

14 thoughts on “Introduction to the arrival of the cat’s death

  1. rivrvlogr

    I do understand.
    I’ve come to welcome the creeping nature, though I shouldn’t, what with the discomfort that seems like suffering, at times. But with one who doesn’t seem to want to let go, and my own desire in that same direction, I think both of us are happy for the time together.

  2. M.T.Noah

    Hard. I’m in a similar state. But more watching my lifestyle die. I don’t know what will replace it. Thank you. I miss my kitty boys right now more than usual, too. Thank you.

  3. Susan Romanenghi

    So hard to watch our beloved pets suffer. We just put our cat to sleep (with us 9 years). I sang her a lullaby. Tonight we shall spread her ashes in the garden and I shall recite your poem out loud. Your post was timely. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      I am sorry to hear about your pet, but glad the poem was timely for you. To respect a companion’s life you have to respect the arrival of their death as well. Not always easy.


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