The Sound

evergreen stars

The Sound

There will be no meeting. Go deeper– is it quiet there?
He is the one you could never have. Though he could

Never not be yours. Deeper– it’s the sound of waking.
When we were younger we could drink a lot more

Coffee. I remember our first cup together. In the depths
Of the night, its upside down ocean, sound is replaced

By a strange pressure on the ears. On the entire surface
Of your body. This is where fissures open up in the roof

And new mountains emerge. It’s where stars are born.
Where a shy medallion spilled from God’s pirate ship

twined through the waves of dark sleep and became
The moon. Some hearts would explode from the pressure

Mine is like the cork that has to be pushed back
Into the wine bottle corkscrewed side down. Torn

But doing its job. Deeper but not so deep
You couldn’t pluck it out with your bare hand.

Sometimes a memory is tame as soft rain, deeper
than falling asleep, like a read book empty and full

at the same time, the sound of a candle in the room.

16 thoughts on “The Sound

  1. Lynne Burnett

    Simply wonderful! And yes, those last 3 lines!!! Am so glad you found me so I could find you – I love everything I’ve read so far – your words envelop me in the mysteries and your tone is pitch perfect. Thank you, Jeff!

      1. Lynne Burnett

        Indeed! Bob has a talent for spreading the word, so to speak, alongside his own remarkable poems.😊

  2. Lynne Burnett

    Well, Jeff, I sure learned a lot about myself too, thanks to Bob asking that I answer the questions as fully as possible! I’m glad you enjoyed it!🙏😊Lynne


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