Lyrics heard in a dream

Lyrics heard in a dream

Out of the earth
Up through the dawn
Into the sky
It won’t take long


Over the trees on the trestled
sky we traveled

The roar of time’s grooved
Wheels fitting against the tracks

Of consciousness the brakes
Of waking squealing into song

I like holding an old penny
Something seemingly worthless

Older than me, yet still here.
It is like holding something

From the future
Another place I haven’t been

And from which many worthless
Things will also survive me

Waking to a song that does not exist
And forgetting it then humming

It in the shower and from there
The lyrics came back and I told

My wife and then forgot them
But my oldest daughter who’d

Overheard remembered them
When I remembered later

That I’d forgotten something
So now it is a song

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