Dusk and Beyond

Dusk and Beyond


The dusk sky is a gameboard of bats,
everyone’s lost apologies for what

They knew they did wrong but could not find
The words to admit. Homeless things.

The poet’s night shift has me emotional–
The moon’s pendulum scythe swings

Below the tree line and I wake up astonished
To be alive. The poem holds a word

To my throat and the word is your missing
touch. In the world are some animals whose feet

Never touch the ground. Birds who only
Land on the uncertainty of open water.

Just as in you there are poems
that may never land on the tree of language

But whose wingbeats keep you awake,
Whose migration over open space

Turns everyone’s heads though they hear
Only your voice on a quiet morning.

11 thoughts on “Dusk and Beyond

  1. Pleasant Street

    A triumph. I know very well about those emotional swings, and my sky at dusk was amazing tonight, with the almost full moon coming up through pink, blue, and lavender.
    Happy New Year Jeff!

  2. Sunshine Jansen

    “I wake up astonished” by this poem — absolutely immediate (I was right there last night.) And birds remind me of a book recommendation I made to RO recently; a modern fable by John Crowley about an immortal crow, “Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr”. Not sure how fantastical your tastes run, but I have a feeling you and Crowley are kindred spirits. Happy New Year, JS!

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks SJ! John Crowley is one of my favorite writers. I love the Aegypt cycle, especially Love & Sleep, but really all of them. There are some books you can live inside of, or beside them; Moby Dick is like that for me, and the Aegypt books as well. I have not read Ka yet but now am motivated to get it, thanks to you.

  3. daninmaya

    I really like this poem, Jeff. So many images I find myself stopping to let them flow over and through me. I think I’ll want to read it out loud to my wife


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