From the tribe of Asher


From the tribe of Asher

The necessary second witness. Pointing finger of a lost tribe
Finding its place again. Behold the blessed castaway.

Even her age meant a completion and a return.
How can we trust anything when every thing

Means something? Is every father the face of god
Until the glimpse of the infant visage, God the beginning?

Seven dozen years waiting against the stone of the dead.
Father stone, husband stone. Waiting as the days dry up

To make the math work wonders. What else did she see
In the intervening hours but a name in another tongue

the same backwards as forwards? I would believe you
Against all the world believes. I cast a pebble at the well

And the hand that caught it before it fell

5 thoughts on “From the tribe of Asher

  1. daninmaya

    I like this Jeff but I don’t think I fully understand. I don’t know the tribe of Asher – I’ll look it up. This poem deserves several more reads……

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks — If you understood it I would worry a bit! It’s built around my reaction to a very short passage in the book of Luke (2:36-38), and to some various interpretations of that section by religious scholars plumbing it for meaning.


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