Conversations (XX) — to the emptiness

Conversations (XX) — to the emptiness

You remember the space between branches.
You remember being the last leaf.

You remember them slipping away in the wind
but the wand of the universe held you twisting.

You remember accepting the wind’s tongue
Making its voice the only voice others heard

And thought was yours.
And the wind’s tongue turned you over until

You were facing a different space between
Branches and saw twisting there one other

Leaf who had heard on stillest nights in early
Winter your true voice all along

8 thoughts on “Conversations (XX) — to the emptiness

  1. Larry White

    You have a great way of expressing your thoughts into words that I feel people can relate to in their own life.

  2. Jason Leslie Rogers

    I love the personification of things blown by the wind—leaves, feathers, dandelions—things that simply go where they are blown, fulfilling their purpose, their design, even if that is something they or we will ever understand.

    Thank you yet again, Jeff, for more beautiful verse.


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