October 21 [Book of October]

October 21

After the storm moves past
I once again hear the humming

Of a distant machine.

After dark when most lights are out
When I realize the sound has been gone

For awhile I get dressed and head out.
At the pick-up spot I find the pile waiting.

I wrap each individual dream in the clear
Plastic of day residue and check my list,

Add the special insert of coincidence
And start walking. As each doorstep

Appears through the fog I throw with
Unerring accuracy and the dream lands

On the porch because everybody’s dream
House has a front porch. Occasionally

I overthrow and the dream clatters
Against a loose screen door.

Upstairs a light comes on and the shadow
Of your face looks down on me

And I know for a searing instant you see
Me and know what’s being delivered

Like when you have a dream of a dream.
Whether or not I know you now,

Or ever met you, doesn’t matter.
This list is never wrong. On

The way home I pass others like me
Delivering memories of themselves

But by the time I get home I can only

Think about climbing into bed, forgetful.
Just as I’m drifting off, I hear a late model

Car prattle up my street and the sound
Of tomorrow’s papers hitting porches

Across the street although there are no houses
Across the street, just a park by the library.

And although I don’t get up I can almost feel
Someone standing on the sidewalk, who climbed

Out of their car over the pile of papers on
Their front seat, to see who might look down at them.

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