October 14 [Book of October]


October 14

All summer long their message was obscured
By texture. The leaves grew on thin stems

And below them from the ground grew
Their brothers the shadows. The leaves

Shook in the breeze, pattered with rain,
Danced in storms. Their brothers

Made the long journey across the park
Each day, dawn to dusk they made

The same one-way trek.
They were pacing but we didn’t know

Because they came back in the dark.

The leaves are falling now and blowing
Away, taking their shadows with them.

Across the grass and moss of this tide
Of hills, root and acorn abound and

Broken branch underfoot, it’s like the trees
Finally found a single letter for what

They wanted to say and a word
Can finally be seen inscribed

On the browning ground in the trunks’

Long shadows. I’m going to lean into
The hills and the sun’s cold shoulder

And read my future as I walk into it,
As I give it all gravity’s got.

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