Track 5 by Aurora Schwaner (Writer’s Ear 1st Prize)

My 10 year old daughter Aurora won the Writer’s Ear prize at her elementary school. The contest, sponsored by the Staunton Music Festival, involves students listening to a musical selection and writing a poem or story based on their response. Aurora wrote the poem below. The prize-winning entries are read aloud by the authors at a free concert on April 6th. Go Aurora!

The music Aurora listened to can be found here  and it’s Track 5.

Track 5

I hear the distant shouts of trouble,
While the wind whispers my name,
I pause and look at the sky, a gray blanket of worry.
I need to help. My legs couldn’t have carried me faster,
And my heart couldn’t have created a faster beat.
The wind speaks again, but this time it yells.
“Hurry, hurry.”  “Hurry, hurry”
Now the only enemy is time.

–Aurora Schwaner


17 thoughts on “Track 5 by Aurora Schwaner (Writer’s Ear 1st Prize)

  1. robert okaji

    Wow, and Holy Crap, Jeff! There’s some serious talent in the Schwaner family. I mean, you’re okay and all that, but Aurora! At ten I was barely able to tie my own shoes, much less write a coherent sentence, much less an excellent poem! But seriously: WOW! And I hear that “hurry hurry” louder each day. You Schwaners are plugged into the great drift of poetry…

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Thanks, Robert! Yeah, these kids scare me sometimes. Their writing is so much deeper than mine was at their age. Aurora’s very excited, and so are we. Crazy talent.

  2. Sunshine Jansen

    Even if I was not predisposed to love the theme, my hat would be off for this one and floating away in the wind — huzzah, Aurora!

  3. Mary Tang

    I didn’t listen to the music because I wanted to read the poem without the distraction and the poem is marvellous in its own right, right from the first line. Congratulations, Aurora Schwaner, poet.

  4. Mary Tang

    Reblogged this on Life is But This and commented:
    It is humbling to read the work of this young poet’s work. Aurora is only ten years old! I took the liberty of translating it to Chinese and recorded the translation in Cantonese.

  5. Chris

    What a terrific poem! Congratulations and hat’s off to Aurora. She has a real talent — now there are three poets in the Schwaner family.


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