The Shadow


The Shadow

The shadow arrives at the train station
on a sunny midafternoon.

He is only here because you are
though neither of you were expecting the other.
When you stand on the bridge over the tracks
he waits below on the platform.
When the train slides into the station and stops
he lies on the roof of the cabin, unnaturally relaxed.
People step off and others step on but he does
not get up. When the train begins moving he slides
into a blur until the last car is gone
then he is back on the platform
as if he had just decided he wanted to get
away from you but it was too late, his shadow
ticket was not accepted by the conductor.
He would turn his back on you but he has no back
or front, just questions. How does one act upon the world
with no depth? with no agency? You have had
enough, and hurry down the steps from the bridge
to confront him but the platform is empty.
Quite suddenly, you experience a thrill, as if
someone had walked across your shadow.

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