Acorns [from Vanishing Tracks]


The long winter ends when
The tree remembers he is in love.
From his many hands the leaves
Unfold and fall, the pages’
Ever changing colors waiting
To be read in wonder but
Instead in time
Gathered by rakes and scoundrels
Yet still the tree continues
To produce, he cannot be stopped,
Though the present blows through
Him in westerly gusts he stands fast
And the fruit of his thought flies loose,
Each acorn that batters the roof below
A love letter, a blown kiss, a single everlasting
Glance forgotten. You will hear them
On your own roof tonight,
In the brief moment they strike wondering
If it was you they were meant for
Then rolling on the grass or driveway
To be stomped on by the girl whose head
One fell on without saying why,
Or rolled over by the one who loves you
Driving away for who knows how long
In that fragile casing,
The birds taking the rest, only the squirrels
Understanding and tucking a few away
For when the landscape has lost its verse.
Then the snow’s white manners
Exerting months of formalities
Finally bullied away by mud and
A single sprouting oak a few fields
Away. You walk outside
And the sun is a warm leaf on your cheek
And you are beautiful and the tree
Remembers he is in love.

8 thoughts on “Acorns [from Vanishing Tracks]

  1. Harbour Admin

    The beginning sets this poem up in a really sweet sounding way:

    “The long winter ends when
    The tree remembers he is in love.”

    Awesome stuff.

  2. lillian

    Lovely! Especially enjoy the line about the squirrels understanding and tucking them away….”tucking” carries so many connotations for me here. This is a warm poem……..a warm leaf on my cheek! 🙂


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