Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Extra Special Full Moon Social, Already! #fullmoonsocial

So apparently it is like not only a massive super moon this weekend, but also a great lunar eclipse starting around 9pm ET here in the Blue Ridge. What better time than this full moon to launch another #fullmoonsocial event on WordPress and Twitter? The eclipse lasts for three hours or so at a pretty optimal time for many of us, though I am looking at a forecast for overcast skies here in VA Sunday night.

We know that for as long as people have been writing poetry, they have written about the moon. Chinese poets made an art form of this during the T’ang and Sung dynasties that in many ways has yet to be rivaled. Viewing the full moon in September is a ritual to take time to think about friends and loved ones we are separated from by distance, even to think of those special to us we have not yet met.

So during the time the moon is up in your neck of the world–I’m talking to you, Esther! and Leonard! and Emily! and Robert! and C! and M! and Ron! and GG! and Sister M! among others!–take the time to write a poem for someone who may not know you are thinking of them, or may know and be thinking of you, or even for someone you haven’t met yet but who is looking at that same moon, and tag it #fullmoonsocial on wordpress and/or Twitter and/or Instagram. I’ll try and re-blog and re-tweet as I see them.

I’ll just close this invitation with one of my favorite moon poems, by the Japanese poet Masahide, who wrote a poem that can be roughly translated as:

Barn’s burnt down. Now 
I can see the moon better.

See you under the moon!

25 thoughts on “Super Moon Lunar Eclipse Extra Special Full Moon Social, Already! #fullmoonsocial

  1. Uma

    I am in. What should I do? Do I write a poem and post it on my blog with the tag? I am so looking forward to the full moon/super moon/ lunar eclipse!

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      1. St Brigid Press

        Yeah, hope the clouds clear for you. We’re here in the achingly blue-skied high desert of Colorado. Joining other family/friends for a Moon Party on the banks of the Colorado River this eve!

      1. Mary Tang

        The moonlight woke me at 3:30 a.m. – We won’t see the eclipse here in Sydney but the moon was very bright. I took some photos, posted one with my ‘poem’ and tagged it accordingly.

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  5. A // W // F

    1. What a great idea. 2. Love that Masahide verse. 3. It’s been raining here nonstop for days, so, no moon for me. I’m looking forward to enjoying it vicariously instead.

    Happy stargazing!! 🙂

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