Before rain. Clouds dozens of thoughts away gather
in the corner of your vision, surreptitious as Bigfoot,

as growing up. Every love is an act of defenestration,
like words eye-diving off the page into the casual reader’s

blink of sudden sonder. Hiraeth! when the bookstore closes
something reaches out from you for the story you haven’t held

but would have fit perfectly on your heart’s shelf. Then a dozen
thoughts pass and the petrichor rises from the earth to meet

the first drops of rain, sliding down invisible vines of physics
which determine where they’ll land, but not how you’ll smile.

3 thoughts on “Vellichor

  1. Ron

    Ok I get it! Ya got a new dictionary with brand new (and obscure!) words. Like I don’t have enough to do already with the words you use that I DO know! Sheesh! Give me a break! 😉

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      Ron, you are close. Let’s just say that a bunch of words came to me at the same time, none of which I would think of using in a poem, and I committed to using them all in the same poem. I will wait faithfully for your “Sonder Haiku Sequence No. Seven”…


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