Readings Recorded: Robert Okaji at Malvern Books in Austin TX

If only Len had stopped by on his way from Turkey to pick me up in his private jet, I might have made it out to this reading in Austin a few days ago. Luckily, the poet was recorded sharing his work with a responsive crowd. There are too many great lines and great poems squeezed into fifteen minutes for me to quote, but there is talk of snail sex, love darts, spreadsheets, rain forest bridges, wind, trust, love, and the moon. Thanks to all the folks at Malvern Books who I will never meet for recording the reading and posting it here. Robert’s own website, O at the Edges, is also well worth traveling to. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “Readings Recorded: Robert Okaji at Malvern Books in Austin TX

  1. zdunno03

    Sorry, Jeff, but Erdogan has grounded all private jets except his own, otherwise I would gladly have stopped by for you. Thanks, though, to your generosity to others for making us all aware of the recording.

      1. robert okaji

        It’s a great venue for intimate readings. But the highlight of the day occurred before the reading, when I met Ron Evans and his wife Claudia in person for the first time.

    1. Jeff Schwaner Post author

      I don’t exactly know the connection here, but you know how when you finish a YouTube video you are shown some options for what to watch next? I thought it verrrry interesting that after watching a poetry reading video that one of the videos chosen for my next viewing was entitled “Animals In Mirrors Hilarious Reactions.” Hmmm. Making me think twice about taping my bit in an upcoming reading this Wednesday…

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